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CLA Croatia Conquers EPICENTER 22

Last Sunday marked the conclusion of one of the largest tournament series in Slovenia: EPICENTER 22. There, top players compete in many different titles. Prominent CLA Croatia division members, JokerTole, Banderas, TUNA13, along with our legendary coaches marac90 and FifaFico, embarked on a journey to conquer another FIFA 23 tournament.

FifaFico demonstrated a godlike performance, rightfully claiming first place. Other CLA competitors were not far behind, with JokerTole, TUNA13, marac90 getting second, third, and fourth places, respectively, thus securing all of the tournament’s top positions. Unfortunately, Banderas came face-to-face with JokerTole early in the tournament and finished in the top 16.

We are proud to see such outstanding results from our players. Over the past year, they have shown a huge leap in skill level, of course, not without the help of the coaching staff. The tournament proved to be a tremendous success for CLA Croatia, and we are confident, that it won’t be the last one.

Your support drives our players to reach new heights, and together, we will continue developing the Croatian esports scene. Stay tuned to ESUH to get all the relevant updates.




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