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CLA Croatia Dominates Season 6 of CLA EuroCup eFootball with Double Podium Win

The Croatian division of the CyberLive!Arena esports league continues to captivate fans with their consistent success in the CLA EuroCup eFootball tournament. Season after season, they deliver exceptional performances, and the recently concluded Playoff Season 6 on June 25 was no different.

In an exciting competition, BiZzoN_98 from CLA Ukraine emerged as the undisputed champion, claiming first place and earning Ukraine's first-ever gold in the tournament series. Banderas fought fiercely to secure second place, while the legendary TUNA13, a three-time CLA EuroCup champion, secured the third spot on the podium. Although the Polish division didn't achieve a top placement this time, being in only their second season, there is great potential for future success.

ESUH is once again filled with pride for our incredibly talented division members. We have complete faith in their abilities and aim for nothing less than gold for Croatia in the exciting Season 7, which started this Monday. To stay updated on our competitors' progress, check out the tournament page on the CyberLive!Arena website at .

Best of luck, and may the best player win!



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