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CLA Croatia players showed decent results in the A1 Adria League tournament

The A1 Adria League tournament for CLA Croatia has come to an end. From April 7 to June 3 players fought well and took prizes. Throughout the competition, the participants experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, from moments of triumph to disappointment, culminating in a commendable finish in the Top 4. Let's take a closer look at how events unfolded in this exciting tournament.


There were more than 150 players at the Qualifying Stage, so the competition was very tough. Professional and semi-professional players took part. Among them were representatives of CLA Croatia - FICO, Th3Prod1gy, and marac90. FICO scored 130 points and took 2nd place in the standings. Th3Prod1gy got 100 points and took 7th place. Meanwhile, marac90 failed to qualify for the group stage, finishing in 9th place. However, fate intervened when one of the top 8 players dropped out, giving marac90 and the other two players a chance to fight for a place in the next round and marac90 took advantage of it.

Group Stage:

In the Group Stage, FICO continued to delight its fans with its play. He came out victorious in his matches, with a resounding 3-0 score. Meanwhile, marac90 also showed a good result with a score of 3-1. Unfortunately, Th3Prod1gy faced some difficulties and finished the group stage with a score of 1-3. Nevertheless, his efforts and determination deserve respect!


FICO and marac90 found themselves in the top bracket of the Double Elimination stage but were unable to win their matches. However, their paths crossed again in the lower bracket setting the stage for an exciting match. In the end, FICO won, securing a place in the next round, and for marac90 the tournament was over, he took 4th place and received a prize of 150 euros. In the end, FICO was defeated in the final match, finishing in 3rd place and a nice prize of 300 euros.

Overall, the A1 Adria League tournament proved to be an exciting experience for the CLA Croatia players. They demonstrated through their play their great desire and remarkable ability to compete at the highest level. Although FICO and marac90 didn't make the offline finals, their achievements - places in the Top 4 - are a testament to their talent and determination. We congratulate the guys and look forward to their future duels!

Best regards,

ESUH Team.


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