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CLA EuroCup eBasketball: Croatian Triumph Marks the End of the Third Season

With the third season of CLA EuroCup eBasketball being over, we are proud to announce, that the Croatian division has shown remarkable success, securing not only one but two prize places this time. Let’s reveal the final standings.

After overcoming numerous challenges, Croatian player Octopi has acquired the title of champion. He managed to stop the two-season win-streak of KD_23_13, who nevertheless showcased incredible resilience and was able to secure second place. Let's not forget to mention Virovec77, whose exceptional skills and determination landed him a well-deserved spot in the top 3 this season, proving that Croatia has a formidable presence in the eBasketball scene.

The results this season, show the future, that the Esports Association of Croatia strives to. We will continue to support tournaments like the CLA EuroСup, in order to provide the environment for Croatian players to self-improve and showcase their skills for international viewers.

Our congratulations to the winners, as this was by no means a small accomplishment. We believe that our players will continue to show astonishing results and inspire both their fans and rivals in the upcoming Season 4 of the CLA EuroCup eBasketball.




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