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CLA EuroCup eFootball Season 11 Results: Neerven Remains on Top

As the curtains fell on the recent 11th season of CLA EuroCup eFootball, our fans once again were able to witness the fierce battle between top players from three CLA divisions. Let’s examine the final standings

Our Polish stars Neerven and Ostat clashed in an intense duel for the second consecutive season. And just like in Season 11, Neerven emerged victorious, retaining his crown, and leaving Ostat in second place. Third place went to the Croatian player Banderas, who unfortunately suffered two losses in a row, just one step before the final.

Other Croatian players, despite not reaching the top 3, delivered incredible performances, once again proving the strength and potential of the Croatian division.

With the continuous rise of the tension with each passing season, we can’t wait to see what will the next one unveil. Be the first one to learn, by following the matches live at




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