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CLA EuroCup Season 8: Group Stage Results

We are pleased to announce the outcomes of the Group Stage for the CLA EuroCup Season 8. The tournament has witnessed gripping matches and intense competition.

The Group Stage occurred on Saturday, and we are delighted to disclose the players who have progressed to the Upper Bracket: Schabson, Neerven, TUNA13, D3VA.

The remaining participants will continue their journey in the Lower Bracket Th3Prod1gy, Ostat, BiZzoN_98, JokerTole, Banderas, stdm, Ganger_29, Mrowinho.

We extend our best wishes to all players as they embark on the playoffs, scheduled for 23.07.2023. The matches will be broadcasted live on our channel, ensuring you don't miss any of the action. Anticipate an enthralling day with captivating contests and unforeseen results.

May the most deserving player emerge victorious!

Yours sincerely,



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