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CLA Goes Forward with the New Simulator

We are thrilled to inform you that from 9th October, all of CLA’s eBasketball events will migrate to the NBA2K24.

This new 2K title features groundbreaking ProPLAY technology that brings real NBA footage to life within the game environment. There are also several gameplay improvements and the return of popular game modes.

This conversion will affect both the CLA EuroCup and regular eBasketball tournaments. However, the number of events will remain the same.

Game settings are tweaked to ensure the highest level of fair play. You are free to check them out at

Moving to NBA2K24 will allow players to practice and stay updated with the latest trends since most eBasketball tournaments outside of CyberLive!Arena are also making this shift. Moreover, this change is intended to make tournaments more captivating for viewers. Therefore, we believe this transition will benefit both players and fans.




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