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CLA’s Impressive Journey to A1 Adria League Finals

The 12th season of the A1 Adria League began in September and reached its conclusion last Friday. This series has been an extraordinary journey for the players, showcasing top-notch action and fierce competition. Among the competitors, CLA Croatia's legends FifaFico, Th3Prod1gy, and marac90, along with TUNA13, Banderas, JokerTole, and TheKum53, embarked on a quest for the championship title and take their share from an impressive 2300 EUR prize pool. Here's a short overview of the competition.

The tournament, marked by a transition from FIFA 23 to EA Sports FC24, began with four qualifying cups, top 8 players from which transitioned to a group stage, including CLA Croatia’s FifaFico, Th3Prod1gy, and marac90. Group stage, played in a Swiss format, saw our players advance through tough competition. The finals, held in Zagreb, witnessed a series of intense double-elimination rounds where Th3Prod1gy and marac90 scored third and fourth places, respectively. FifaFico had managed to get into the Bo5 grand final, but unfortunately didn’t make it and took the second place with the final score of 1-3

We take immense pride in the performance of all participants in this remarkable league. Their achievements give us the courage to continue pursuing our goal of the continuous development of the esports scene in Croatia. The strong presence of CLA players in the finals only highlights their exceptional talent. We eagerly anticipate more such skillful displays in future events.

Regards, Team ESUH


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