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Croatia Celebrates Victory in the 30th Season of CLA EuroCup eFootball

Hello, and welcome to a brief recap of the recently concluded CLA EuroCup eFootball Season 30. As always, top players from three different European divisions clashed in a fierce battle to determine the strongest. Let’s take a closer look at the final standings.

This season first place was claimed by the renowned Croatian player Banderas. Starting from the Upper Bracket, he demonstrated impeccable game, defeating numerous strong opponents, including last season’s winner, Gruby. Second place went to the Polish contender Ostat, while third place was secured by another famous Polish player, Majkel.

We would like to give a big shoutout to Banderas, as well as every player from the Croatian division. Most CLA EuroCup seasons feature at least one Croatian player in the Top 3, inspiring countless fans around the globe.

The next season has already begun. You can keep up with it at




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