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Croatia Conquers the Podium in Season 6 of CLA EuroCup eBasketball

With the recent conclusion of another exciting season of CLA EuroCup eBasketball, the Croatian division once again demonstrated their skills and passion for the game.

EuroCup legend Octopi continues to showcase incredible resilience by winning the championship for the fourth time in a row. Second place went to another EuroCup veteran, General77. Finally, JohnWick secured the third spot.

We are immensely proud of the performances delivered by our players this season. We want to explicitly acknowledge Octopi’s achievements, as he is the first to maintain his win streak for four consecutive seasons. We believe it not only allows Croatia's division to prosper but also sets heights for other players to strive for.

However, this is not the end. Daily Qualifiers for the upcoming 7th Season of CLA eBasketball are already in motion. Check our blog for all the relevant updates or cheer for our players live at:




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