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Croatian Champions Steal Tournament Spotlight: Inspiring Results of the eEuroleague Season 2

The 2nd season of the eEuroleague tournament series came to an end last Sunday. It has proven to be an exciting event, filled with mind-boggling action and a competitive environment. CLA was represented by exceptional talents: Comi and Shpaolin.

You may know Mislav "Comi" Dvorski, as he has been a solid backbone for the ESUH Fair Play Committee for quite some time. As its member, Mislav makes sure that fair play values are being promoted and imposed across all of the supported esports events. Adding to that, he is an experienced CLA coach, and a veteran of the professional esports scene, who competed in many major leagues for eFootball and eBasketball titles. Dominik “Shpaolin” Jovanov used to be CLA's active member and competed in regular tournaments, where he quickly rose to the top of the Croatian division as the best eBasketball player. After months of dominance on the field, he decided to transition into coaching.

The eEuroleague brought together 36 of the top players in Europe as well as guest players from other continents to face off against real-life Euroleague superstars and professional basketball players such as Jaleen Smith and Sasha Vezenkov, alongside Overtime coach Ali Liaqat and Adidas Next Generation Youngstar Aleksandar Gavalyugov.

One of the main distinctive features of this tournament was the use of an exclusive add-on for the PlayStation 5 version of NBA2K "Virtual EuroLeague." It brings in 36 European teams with their real rosters, ratings, attributes, courts, graphics, players, their appearances, etc.

The results of this tournament were nothing short of spectacular. While Comi suffered an unexpected defeat in the playoffs, Shpaolin was able to reach the finals. After a series of swift victories and a heated final match against Luka Vujasinovi­ć, Shpaolin has come on top, acquiring the title of champion.

We are delighted with our player’s performance. It clearly shows the impact ESUH had on the Croatian esports scene. We will continue to support similar events in the future and encourage the participation of our players.




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