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Croatian Players Take Over CLA EuroCup eBasketball Season 8

Last Sunday marked the end of another exciting EuroCup season, which once again showcased the strength of the Croatian division. Let's examine the final standings closer.

Our legendary player, Octopi, continues his domination, having secured first place for six consecutive seasons. Other members of the Croatian division didn’t come far behind, with JohnWick and Fisherman claiming second, and third places, respectively. Special congratulations go to Fisherman; just a month after joining CLA, he has shown the ability to reach the podium and challenge our strongest players.

The 8th season has become yet another victory for the Croatian division. Such results perfectly showcase the future we strive for, and we will continue to give our full support to similar tournaments in the future.

Daily qualifiers for the next season had already started. Check out our blog for the most recent updates, or keep an eye for the results at




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