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EPC Goes Forward with new Basketball Simulator

We have some exciting news to share! The Euroleague mode for NBA 2K24 has finally been released, and starting on November 13th, all EPC eBasketball Euroleague events will be transfering to NBA 2K24. Please note that the overall number of events and the schedule will remain unchanged.

Euroleague has gathered considerable global appeal over the years, boasting a dedicated fan base and a consistently expanding market. While Euroleague teams will not be officially included in NBA 2K24, the community project will facilitate this, underscoring the demand and passion within the fanbase and fueling hopes for a genuine Euroleague gaming experience.

ESUH will maintain its patronage of the Croatian Conference to guarantee an optimal environment for player development. To this end, game rules have been meticulously refined to strike a harmonious balance between viewer engagement and player comfort.

Fostering the growth of the esports scene in Croatia remains our utmost priority, and we eagerly anticipate the upcoming year with NBA 2K24.




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