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FICO Takes Gold in eAdriatic Open Finals

Last week, legendary CLA coaches marac90 and FICO, along with Croatian division member t0m3, set foot in Bar, Montenegro, to take part in the eAdriatic Open Finals. The competition featured the 32 best players from eight regions, all vying for a chance to win the Grand Prize.

Before reaching the finals, t0m3 and marac90 fought their way through the regional qualifiers, while FICO received a wildcard entry into the finals. As per the format, the Open Finals began with the Group stage, followed by the Bo3 Knockout phase. The tournament champion was ultimately decided in a Bo5 final duel.

Throughout the Open Finals, both t0m3 and marac90 advanced to the playoff stage and then onto the knockout phase, where they were ultimately defeated and eliminated from the tournament. Conversely, FICO excelled in the group stage, performed exceptionally well in the Knockout phase, and eventually found himself in the final battle against Aleksandar Maksimovic. In the end, FICO emerged victorious, taking home the grand prize and earning the title of eAdriatic Open Finals Champion.

Congratulations to FICO for his unwavering determination. We also want to extend our gratitude to marac90 and t0m3 for their tremendous efforts. It is a pleasure to see Croatia represented in such prestigious international esports events, as it exemplifies the bright future we are working toward. We eagerly await the opportunity to celebrate more victories achieved by our players.




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