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Fisherman Climbs To the Top in The 15th Season of CLA EuroCup eBasketball

The 15th season of the CLA EuroCup eBasketball has ended with another impressive performance from the Croatian division. Dominating the event, they finished with a significant presence in the Final Six. Let’s take a closer look at the final rankings.

First place rightfully goes to the Croatian player Fisherman. Having secured an insane lead of 15 EuroCup Points, he took his division to victory. Second and third places have been secured by the members of the Polish division Gdm and kudo_03, respectively. Considering the strong competition this season, this is a very impressive result. 

We also want to highlight the achievements of two other Croatian players who did make it to the leaderboard, Skeletron and General77. Their dedication and competitive spirit added a challenging twist for their rivals, making them stand out in the tournament.

The Daily Qualifiers for the upcoming season are already underway. Stay updated with the latest results at




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