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Gruby Blitzes Through 25th Season of CLA EuroCup eFootball

Yet another CLA EuroCup eFootball season reached its conclusion yesterday. Allow us to present you with a short overview of the unfolded events.

Gruby from Croatia demonstrated remarkable skill, clinching the top spot. Starting in the Upper Bracket, he effortlessly defeated each competitor, quickly climbing to the pinnacle of the tournament. This victory once again showcased the Croatian division's dominance. The second place went to the Ukrainian player BizZoN_98, with another Croatian, Banderas, securing the third spot. Banderas also had an impressive journey through the Lower Bracket, defeating formidable Polish competitors like Majkel and Ostat.

We're delighted by the exceptional performance from the Croatian division. Each player put in maximum effort, further solidifying Croatia's reputation as a powerhouse in the CLA EuroCup. Meanwhile, the Daily Qualifiers for the next season are already underway. You can follow our players' progress at




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