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marac90 wins the Telekom eSports Championship!

The Esports Association of Croatia is proud to announce that marac90 has won the Telekom eSports Championship. From May 8 to June 10, Croatia hosted this amazing gaming event, which showcased the talents of the strongest players from Southeastern Europe.

The tournament featured a wide range of esports titles, including FIFA23. The stakes were high, and the impressive prize pool of 2,800 euros motivated and pushed players to win. The CLA Croatia representatives also took part in this competition and excelled in winning places.

The championship began on May 8 with the Qualifiers, in which about two hundred players participated. The format was very challenging, as one loss meant immediate elimination from the competition. Among the ten players representing CLA Croatia, brstimir, TUNA13, and marac90 showed outstanding skills and secured their spots in the Playoffs.

The Playoffs took place May 22-23 and featured eight players competing in a BO3, Double Elimination format. This round, unlike the previous one, allowed those who were defeated to return. TUNA13, unfortunately, dropped out of the competition, brstimir and marac90 showed good results and made it to the Finals.

On June 10, brstimir and marac90 faced off in the TEC FIFA23 Finals, a grand battle for the first place. In the end, brstimir came in second place and marac90 became the overall champion, winning the hearts of the audience with his first-class playing mastery. Marac90 was awarded €1,000 and brstimir received €700.

As the esports federation, we are proud to contribute to the growth of the CLA league and its players. The brilliant results of Сroatian gamers show the positive influence and impact of the federation on the development of esports in Croatia.

We heartily congratulate marac90 and brstimir for their outstanding achievements and wish them continued success in their future gaming endeavors. Together we are shaping the future of esports in Croatia, and we look forward to exciting events like this in the future.


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