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Neerven Blitzed Through Season 12 of CLA EuroCup eFootball

As always, we bring you the latest news from the recently finished, 12th season of CLA EuroCup eFootball. It was packed with exciting gameplay and non-stop action.

Starting in the lower bracket, Polish star Neerven, for the third time in a row, blitzed through the Playoff, never losing even one match! Second place went to the Ukrainian player D3VA, while third place was secured by TUNA13. You might remember him as a winner of Season 5, and this season marks his comeback to the podium.

We were delighted to witness how this season played out. All of the divisions demonstrated great fortitude and were fully set on victory. The results only show that future seasons will be just as spectacular.

While the gears for the next season are already turning, join the fun right away at




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