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Octopi Continues His Reign in EuroCup eBasketball Season 7

With the most recent, seventh season of the EuroCup eBasketball drawing to a close, a fierce battle, involving three divisions from different European countries, is in full swing. Let’s see, what the final standings unravel.

As in the previous season, Croatian stars Octopi and General77 were competing for first place. And once again, Octopi stayed in the lead, adding one more triumph to his mind-blowing five-season-long winning streak. Polish player KD_23_13 had closed off the top three.

We want to take a moment to congratulate Octopi on his victory. His achievements demonstrate his sheer dedication to the game, giving inspiration to other players and fans from all over the world. Big thanks to other members of CLA Croatia, as their names also regularly hit the top spots. Together, we all strive for the same goal of elevating the Croatian esports scene to an international level.

A kind reminder that the 8th season has already started. Keep up with our blog to get all the relevant updates, or follow the progress live at




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