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TheKum53 Journey to the Top 3: CLA EuroCup eFootball Season 26 Overview

We are happy to share an overview of the exciting 26th CLA EuroCup eFootball season. This season was packed with thrilling matches and fascinating encounters. Let's dive into the final standings.

First place was secured by a repeated EuroCup champion Ostat. In the final match, he confronted another Polish legend, Neerven, who ultimately won and left Neerven in second place. Third place went to Croatian player TheKum53. Starting from the Upper Bracket, he, unfortunately, immediately encountered Neerven and dropped down to the Lower Bracket. Despite this setback, his determination remained unshaken. He achieved victory over the rising CLA Poland star, natsuu, and then outplayed another well-known Croatian competitor, Banderas. However, his advance was halted by Ostat in the match for third place.

ESUH remains committed to supporting events like the CLA EuroCup, as they offer an ideal platform for our players to refine their skills and compete internationally. This aligns perfectly with our goal to promote the esports scene in Croatia.

In the meantime, next season is already in play. Keep an eye out on our blog or check the results yourself at




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