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TUNA13 Clinches Victory in Season 3 of CLA EuroCup, Making Croatia Proud

We are thrilled to announce the exhilarating conclusion of the Season 3 of the CLA EuroCup, a grand stage where the best esports players from across Europe battled for glory in the playing arena. The competition was fierce, and the Croatian representatives demonstrated their exceptional skills, securing outstanding positions on the podium.

TUNA13 from CLA Croatia emerged as the champion, securing first place in the tournament. JokerTole from the same team made an impact as the runner-up. Banderas, also from CLA Croatia, claimed third place.

These outstanding results highlight the exceptional talent and dedication of CLA Croatia has consistently produced exceptional esports players who consistently excel on both national and international stages. It is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the sport, their tireless efforts in honing their skills, and the support they receive from the Croatian esports community.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the players, organizers, and supporters who made the Season 3 of the CLA EuroCup an unforgettable experience. Their passion and dedication to eSports have made this event a resounding success.

Stay tuned to ESUH for more exciting updates, interviews, and coverage of the esports world. Together, let us continue to foster the growth of esports in Croatia and beyond.

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