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Virovec77 Takes the Lead in the CLA EuroCup eBasketball Season 18

Another exciting CLA EuroCup eBasketball season is behind us. This time, Croatian players have really demonstrated immense prowess, leading to some very close and breathtaking matches. Let’s take a look at the final standings.

First place was claimed by the Croatian veteran Virovec77, who you may recall for his remarkable performance back in Season 11. Second place was secured by a Polish player kudo_03. Third place was claimed by another Croatian legend General77, known for his consistent appearance in the Final Six.

Overall, this season clearly demonstrated the strengths of the Croatian division, which, season after season, continues to amaze us with its game. It provides insight into the potential of Croatian players and underscores our commitment to promoting the Croatian esports scene globally.

The next season is already underway. To follow the action, visit




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