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We are the Esports Association of Croatia (ESUH) - a public organization dedicated to promoting, growing, and developing esports' quality and diversity as a part of our day-to-day lives for now and generations to come. But, most importantly, committed to fostering, encouraging, and protecting players and the esports culture.

We are a democratic association whose values and goals are defined in the ESUH Statutes and ratified by the ESUH Board Council. Among them are the following:

  • To promote all aspects of esports in Croatia, as well as to inform and raise public awareness of esports.

  • To encourage the conscientious, responsible, sustainable, healthy, and value-based development of esports in Croatia in the spirit of fair play, while also supporting esports communities and individuals.

  • To advocate and protect ethical standards and good governance in Croatian esports, as well as to ensure that esports sporting principles always take priority over commercial interests.

The operations of the Association are divided into two distinct streams. The first stream aims to promote all levels of competitive gaming, beginning with grassroots community members and progressing to professional esports players capable of achieving worldwide excellence. The second stream aims to establish rules and regulations allowing esports to operate in a fair and peaceful environment.

Our expectations have been confirmed by the level of participation in CyberLive!Arena esports tournaments. Hundreds of ardent fans and players have come together in this short time to reaffirm the importance of working together to achieve our vision and objectives.

ESUH is a small part of a rapidly growing esports community driven by excellence. We have a lot of exciting projects ahead of us that are inspired by our vision and powered by every esports fan out there.

Nice to meet you and let’s keep in touch!

Best regards,



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