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Banderas Conquers 27th Season of CLA EuroCup eFootball

The latest CLA EuroCup eFootball Season has ended on a high note for the Croatian Division. As always, allow us to present you with a short recap of the unfolded events. 

First place went to the renowned CLA veteran, Banderas. Starting in the upper bracket, he flawlessly made it to the finals without suffering a single defeat. In the final match, he faced the winner of the 25th eFootball season, Gruby. Showing remarkable prowess, Banderas managed to come out on top, leaving Gruby with a silver medal and winning the championship with the final score of 2:0. Closing off the Top 3 was a player from Poland, natsuu

Overall, this is another remarkable season for the Croatian division. Their commitment underscores the exact reason ESUH remains committed to supporting CLA EuroCup. We know that Croatia is filled with talented professional players, and we strive to give them as many chances as possible to prove themselves. 

The season may have ended, but the next one is already underway. Follow the upcoming results on our blog next week, or visit to check them for yourself




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