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CyberLive!Arena Announced the CLA EuroCup Season 1 Winners

It is with great pleasure that CyberLive!Arena reveals the winners of the СLA EuroCup Season 1. Following an intense playoff stage that ended on Sunday, April 16, the league is proud to announce that TUNA13 took first place, Th3Prod1gy claimed second, and FicFiric came in third. Worth noting is that all three winners are from CLA Croatia.

These players deserve our congratulations for their superb performance as well as our praise for their perseverance, commitment, and sportsmanship. They demonstrated that they were real champs in the intense competition. We are honored to have such accomplished esports athletes represent our federation on a global scale.

We are eager to start Season 2, which premiered yesterday, as the first season came to a conclusion. We want to stress the significance of winning the Qualifiers within the Croatian division and how it creates the foundation for a fruitful tournament run. We implore all ESUH members to support and encourage our players as they participate in CLA EuroCup this year.

We are confident that CLA Croatia will continue to produce skilled and talented players who can represent us on the international stage, and we wish all our players the best of luck in the upcoming Season 2. We deeply appreciate the unwavering support of each and every member, and we look forward to future competitions, with the hope that our players will make us proud once again.

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