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CLA Croatia players excel in A1 Adria League Group Stage and TEC Qualifier, advance to playoffs

It is with great pleasure that we announce the recent outstanding achievements of CLA Croatia's players in two major competitions.

The A1 Adria League group stage kicked off on May 5 with FICO, Th3Prod1gy, and marac90 participating. FICO secured an impressive 2-0 victory over his rival from Croatia. Although Th3Prod1gy and marac90 were unable to come out on top in their matches, it's important to remember that there are still several rounds to go.

Furthermore, the players participated in the Telecom Esports Championship Qualifier, competing against leading players from other regions. Brstimir, marac90, and TUNA13 each displayed extraordinary talent, securing a spot in the top 8 and guaranteeing their place in the playoffs. We applaud all three players for their remarkable achievements.

We take immense pride in our Croatian players for representing their country with remarkable skill and passion in these prestigious tournaments. We extend our sincerest wishes for their continued success in the upcoming playoff stages.

We encourage our valued readers to remain updated on our players' progress in these competitions and offer their unwavering support in future games.


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