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CLA Takes Over Game Gang Show 2024

This past weekend, the CLA team participated in the Game Gang Show, a grand gaming convention in Slovenia. The event attracted 15,000 attendees and showcased competitions in major esports titles, including LoL, CS2, and Valorant, along with popular sports simulators like EA FC24 and NBA2K24.

Our team seized the opportunity, with FifaFico and Shpaolin taking on the journey to win. Alongside them were the members of the Croatian division: JokerTole, TUNA13, Th3Prod1gy, Banderas, ssztbero, WinniePooh, Mata21, and Crab662.

Before the main showdown at the Ljubljana Fair in Slovenia, our contenders faced four qualifying rounds (two rounds for NBA2K24) in a Bo1 double-elimination format. The finals featured the top four players from each qualifying round.

The eFootball finals were held on April 6th at Ljubljana where FifaFico, JokerTole, Banderas, TUNA13, and Th3Prod1gy advanced to the playoffs, showcasing the Croatian division's tenacity. In an exciting finale, FifaFico triumphed over JokerTole, securing the well-earned €1000 prize.

The NBA2K24 final took place on April 7th, starting with a Bo1 double-elimination playoff. Shpaolin, showing unmatched resolve, advanced through the ranks to clinch the champion title and a €500 reward.

We're immensely proud of our players' achievements, which reflect CLA Croatia's growth throughout the year. We also extend our gratitude to all participants and the Game Gang Show organizers for a memorable event. We eagerly look forward to next year, hoping for similar successes.




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