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Gruby Secures a Spot on the Podium: CLA EuroCup eFootball Season 24 Summary

As the curtains fell on yet another exciting EuroCup Season, we are coming back to you with a short recap of the unfolded events. This season, the competition reached unprecedented heights, with each division striving for victory. Let's take a closer look at the final standings.

Taking first place is the Polish legend, Neerven. Throughout the tournament, he faced tough matches against the well-known Ukrainian player, BiZzoN_98. Neerven came out on top in these intense battles, leaving the latter in second place. Not far behind is our Croatian player, Gruby, who you may recall from his victory in Season 22.

Seasons like this highlight why our team is passionate about supporting events such as the CLA EuroCup. We believe that intense competition between divisions encourages players to constantly improve themselves, resulting in a series of captivating matches.

As always, you can follow the outcomes of the upcoming season's Daily Qualifiers at




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