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Skeletron Takes Gold in the 22nd Season of CLA EuroCup eBasketball

We are happy to provide another short overview of the latest CLA EuroCup eBasketball season. This time, the Croatian division continues its domination, taking a majority of places in the Final Six. Let’s take a quick look at the final standings table to better understand the situation.

First place was taken by an esteemed Croatian player, Skeletron. For many seasons, he consistently ended up in a Top 3, and now he has finally made it, repeating his amazing performance from the 14th season. Second place took another renowned Croatian player Fisherman. Despite his insane 3-season winning streak being over, he still played extremely well, falling just one EuroCup point short of the championship. Right behind him, in the third position, we have another strong contender from Croatia, Virovec77.

We can’t express enough how proud we are of the Croatian division's achievements. Season after season, they continue to impress us with their great results, contributing immensely to the success of the CLA EuroCup tournament. 

We hope that this fact remains unchanged in the future, and we are eagerly awaiting the results of the next season, which is already underway. Be the first to know of its results at




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