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Th3Prod1gy Takes Over: CLA EuroCup eFootball Season 16 Recap

The 16th Season of CLA EuroCup eFootball just reached its conclusion. As always, it was packed with high-class action and an unmatched esports experience. Let’s dive right into the final standings.

First place landed right in the hands of an experienced CLA Croatia veteran, Th3Prod1gy. Starting in the Upper Bracket, he swiftly managed to take over the Playoffs without suffering a single defeat. Second place went to another Croatian player, Banderas, while Polish player Majkel was able to clinge to the third position.

We want to take a moment to commend the achievements of the Croatian division. A constant presence on the CLA EuroCup leaderboard clearly showcases the core principles of ESUH of fostering a future for esports in Croatia, rendering our efforts worthwhile.

Daily Qualifiers for the next season are already in full swing. Be the first to know the results at




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